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Terry Bischoff, CEO, American Red Cross in Greater New York (left) and Dr. Lucy Cabrera, President and CEO of the Food Bank For New York

The American Red Cross in Greater New York (ARC/GNY) and the Food Bank For New York City signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on December 2nd designed to formalize and strengthen their relationship. This agreement provides a framework for cooperation between the two organizations for food, water, personnel, equipment and/or information in support of disaster relief operations.

“The American Red Cross in Greater New York is pleased to expand our mutually beneficial relationship with the Food Bank For New York City. This partnership enhances the ability of both organizations to better service the community relative to disaster preparedness and the coordination of disaster planning and response activities,” said ARC/GNY CEO Terry Bischoff. “The collaboration increases our efficiency to help New Yorkers when they need it most.”

The MOU focuses on three key areas of disaster preparedness and response––planning and operations, training and educational opportunities and public affairs:

Planning and Operations Both organizations have agreed to collaborate in the acquisition and distribution of food and non-food supplies needed for a disaster response operation. Red Cross-trained kitchen staff will be allowed to utilize the kitchen space at the Food Bank’s Community Kitchen and Food Pantry of West Harlem for food preparation during a localized disaster. At the close of an operation, remaining food products will be offered to the Food Bank or the Food Bank’s Community Kitchen and Pantry of West Harlem.

Training and Educational Opportunities The Red Cross and the Food Bank will establish cross-training opportunities for employees and volunteers of both organizations, with ARC/GNY providing disaster-related training and the Food Bank providing training in warehousing and other logistical activities as well as training at its community kitchen.

Public Affairs Both organizations will collaborate to keep the public informed of their cooperative efforts during a disaster relief operation.

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